Music Maker Studios is offering online lessons for all instruments.

Music Maker Studios is located at 185 Corey Road in Brighton, Massachusetts.   We’re just a couple blocks down the street from Driscoll Elementary, and just 1 mile from Devotion and Runkle Elementary.  We’re also very close to the Green Line B and C trains, and a short walk from the Beaconsfield stop on the D train.  There is plenty of parking on the street close by as well as a parking lot by the building off of Westbourne Terrace.  We have teachers for most instruments and voice, including multiple guitar teachers, piano teachers, and voice teachers.

Private Music Lessons  saxaphone student

Music Maker Studios has been providing private music lessons to all levels of students for over 30 years.  We offer private music lessons for piano, guitar, drums, saxophone, clarinet, flute, trumpet, bass guitar, and voice.    We put on a recital in June to let our students showcase their talents and to give their parents and family members a chance to enjoy a live performance in front of an appreciative audience.  While all of our teachers are formally trained and educated, we can customize lessons to meet your specific goals and needs.  If you need help buying an instrument, we can help you with this, and we also sell basic accessories that you’ll need for your lessons and for your instrument.  If you have more than one child taking lessons, we will make every effort to coordinate lesson times so you only have to make one trip.  For adult students, we can find a lesson time that is convenient for your work schedule, and we do have teachers that are available on the weekends.

Interested in taking lessons with one of our teachers?  Call us at 617-734-7441 or email us at

Ensemble Classes

We also offer ensemble classes for intermediate and advanced players who want to play jazz with other musicians.  We currently have two active adult ensembles taught by our saxophone teacher, Bob Brenner.  The adult ensemble classes have been running for many years.  People tend to stay with these ensembles for a long time – one member has been here since 1981.  Ensemble classes are very casual, non-competitive, and friendly.  If you have a desire to play, you’re welcome to come sit in on one of the classes.  Click on the “Ensemble” tab to hear some examples of their playing or to see some photos from recent gigs and rehearsals.

Also, check out a video of one of the ensembles playing at our recital below.

Fully Equipped Rehearsal and Teaching Space Teaching studio

Music Maker Studios also offers equipped rehearsal space for bands, private rehearsal space for drummers and piano players, and also rents out rooms to private music teachers by the hour.  If you’re a piano teacher who does housecalls and wants to start renting space, but can’t commit to monthly rent for commercial space, we can help you.